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A Myth of Fat Magick, Three Days of Fat with Thought Collider. Kings College London.

Edited by Mike Thompson.


The Town of Witches: Triora Transfixed

Architecture, Festival and the City, Routledge Critiques.

Edited by Jemma Browne, Christian Frost, Ray Lucas. ISBN: 9781138362345.



New Art West Midlands, (Catalogue) ISBN: 978995526419


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Right in front of our eyes Parallax, Vol 22, No 4. Print ISSN: 1353-4645 Online ISSN: 1460-700X



Escamotage, Zetesis Vol.2  No.1 (2015):54-63, ISSN 2059-2582


Vanishing in Plain Sight, The Journal of Performance Magic 2 (1) pp.40-53 ISSN 2051-6037


Forced Entertainment: The Last Adventures, Fierce Festival review, This is Tomorrow



Through the Looking Glass: The cryptesthesia of photography. Zetesis Vol.1. No.2 (2013): 82-89. ISBN 9781873352076

Student Engagement with Learning Resources in Art & Design: Seeding Possibilities co-authored with Dr Sian Vaughan in C. Nygaard, S.Brand, P. Bartholomew  & L. Millard (eds) Student Engagement: Identity, Motivation and Community, The Learning in Higher Education Series (LiHE). Oxford: Libri Publishing, 2013. ISBN 9781907471650

New Art West Midlands (catalogue) Edited by Lisa Beauchamp and Rachel Bradley.

Belgium: Cassochrome, 2013. ISBN 78095749420

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