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Preserved Rose Petals, polystyrene, fabric, 2015


A commissioned work for NT Croome as part of ‘One Leg Supporting the Weight of the Body, The Other Slightly Bent’ curated by Anneka French. ‘It has Capability’ takes inspiration from the recurring floral motifs that feature heavily in Croome’s architecture and interior decoration, as well as the original statue of Flora, Goddess of Flowers that was historically on display. The work presents a cascade of hot pink preserved Rose petals that engulf the space, spilling out onto the floor and injecting a vibrant shot of colour into the coolness of the Long Gallery. The hot pink colour echoes the psychedelic pigments of the Hare Krishna painted dining room next door and took inspiration from the Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ LP cover, following rumours that George Harrison may have visited Croome during its Hare Krishna period.


The treatment of the petals with glycerin and non-chemical dyes allows them to remain natural in appearance and touch but they will never wilt, resonating with Capability Brown’s talent of controlling the natural landscape so that it always looked at its peak, despite of the season. 

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