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mac, Worlds Away- Art, Nature and Wellbeing. Photographer, Tegen Kimbley-18.jpg


Digital print on Metamark, 7260mm (h) x 11630mm (w)

MAC new commission, 2023 

‘Horai, 2023’ is a digital collage that remixes botanical illustrations in the public Domain, including works from The Temple of Flora, considered to be the greatest of all flower books produced by the English physician and botanical writer Robert John Thornton (1768–1837).


The work references the history of botanical illustration as a feminine and domestic British past-time which holds a remarkable documentation of women’s creative work in the home. Considered a ‘safe’ and ‘appropriate’ artistic practice for women, the documentation of plant species by key figures such as Marianne North (The Marianne North Gallery, Kew Gardens) are now considered to be unsung pioneers of botanical art.


The title of the work takes its name from the goddesses of the seasons and marks the trajectory of the work from spring on the left to Winter on the right.

A limited Edition of this work is available to purchase here

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